The power of disagreement

Being in disagreement sucks. Not only is it a sure way of ensuring you defocus from what you should ideally be working on. It also can be completely draining of energy. And depending on how the disagreement plays out, it can be downright nasty and make you want to head for the exit. But there… Continue reading The power of disagreement

”What’s your pain?”

One of the worst sins you can commit with a customer IMHO is to just babble on about your own qualities and all the cool things your product can do, without even considering getting a feel for what the customers problem first. I know. Because I have committed this sin a lot of times. And… Continue reading ”What’s your pain?”

Challenge the status quo

What is the one thing driving startup opportunity in the post-pandemic era? The willingness of everybody to challenge the status quo and be open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and - with that - new products and services from new and inspiring companies with strong value propositions. Now, what is the status… Continue reading Challenge the status quo

Who’s your debriefer?

The documentary "The Mole" by Danish documentarist Mads Brügger about North Koreas dodging of UN sanctions is not only brilliant and important in its own newsworthy self. It also has an important lesson for entepreneurs. In the documentary the importance of the debrief is touted; when you have been undercover and alone for years, you… Continue reading Who’s your debriefer?

Standards and solutions

It is great that a group of the worlds biggest players within the IoT-space have come together to form Project Connected Home over IP; an initiative to develop more common standards for IoT-devices large and small. So far one of the big issues with regards to IoT has been a lack of standards. Lots ot… Continue reading Standards and solutions

Fixing from the outside

When you start looking at problems in the world, one of the interesting indicators of a problem is to look at the number of people trying to solve problems within a sector outside of the established system. Personally, I find it mindblowing to read that a survey done across a number of countries from 2010-2015… Continue reading Fixing from the outside