Hyperlocal belonging

The other day I saw a survey that claimed that 44% of all Danes would like to know their neighbors better. In a globalized world, where we’re so busy figuring out when and how to travel somewhere next, this is somewhat a mind-boggling number. You may say that you’re global. But the fact of the… Continue reading Hyperlocal belonging

Challenge the status quo

What is the one thing driving startup opportunity in the post-pandemic era? The willingness of everybody to challenge the status quo and be open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and - with that - new products and services from new and inspiring companies with strong value propositions. Now, what is the status… Continue reading Challenge the status quo

The Norwegian Real Madrid

When you think about how hard the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting you, think about how you would have felt, if you worked at an airline or a company affiliated with one. *GULP*. People are not allowed to travel, your planes are grounded, you have high recurring costs for leasing aircraft, a valuable, sizeable staff you… Continue reading The Norwegian Real Madrid