Real ‘Best Practice’

Best practice is NOT to do what you did the last time and the times before that. Best practice is using what you have learned in doing what you now know you SHOULD have done the last time, which - in hindsight - would have given you a better outcome. The first - and most… Continue reading Real ‘Best Practice’

Celebrate invalidation

There is one thing we often forget when we talk about validating ideas and business models for startups (or any other entity for that matter); That it is also an accomplishment to invalidate something. Usually we have a tendency to see things that didn't work out as extremely wasteful from which only fractions can be… Continue reading Celebrate invalidation

Capturing learnings

One of the things I am trying to do while we work to get our new MedTech startup off the ground is to document my learnings so far. I do that in a mindmap using SimpleMind. Because when taking notes and reflecting on things the easy of speed of getting it down into some sort… Continue reading Capturing learnings

Circle kind of complete

One of the things, others can never take away from you is your past experience(s). They are completely yours. Yours to cherish. Yours to curse. Yours to learn from. Yours to channel into something new. I have often wondered why things happen. Why do you meet the people, you do? Why do you get the… Continue reading Circle kind of complete

R.I.P. Quibi

A mere 6 months after launch and after burning through a good portion of the 1,75B USD it had raised from investors, the short form streaming platform Quibi is closing it's doors. Why? Because even if they were almost too big to fail they still managed to hit the one big pole, other entrepreneurs work… Continue reading R.I.P. Quibi

MEET our new podcast

I am a super big fan of podcasts, and as for many other people, they are a daily companion on my commute to and from the office. Most of the podcasts, I hear have something to do with tech and entrepreneurship, and now there is a brand new, great one to add to the mix;… Continue reading MEET our new podcast