Defeat stupidity

…a stupid person causes damage to others while deriving no gain, or even possibly incurring losses. We invariably underestimate the number of stupid individuals in circulation as the probability that a certain person is stupid is independent of other characteristics or credentials (e.g., they can have a PhD or be president). We (the non-stupid) are vulnerable to the stupid and their actions as we find it difficult to imagine and understand — or to organize a rational defense against — an attack that lacks rational structure or predictable movements. Or, as Friedrich Schiller put it, against stupidity the gods themselves fight in vain.

Professor Scott Galloway, “Big Tech Is Now a Shadow Government”

Right on!

The problem with stupidity reigning supreme is that it’s so hard for us non-stupids to fathom that we’re rendered more or less defenceless to do anything about it. And then everybody suffers.

We need to figure out ways to root out self-inflicted stupidity long before it becomes a problem.

Better and cheaper access to education in important things such as critical thinking and civics might be an excellent place to start.

The Moonshot problem

Kennedy’s goal wasn’t just bold words; it was based on the engineering expertise and insight, knowledge of competition, and understanding of the team’s capabilities.

“The Forgotten Truth About The Moonshot Goal”, Brano Sandala via Product Coalition

This just makes a ton of sense; one of the reasons many ‘Moonshots’ have failed since the original one is that it’s not anchored in probability, ressources available etc but is just plain wishful thinking.

You can dream about anything. But if you’re not backing it with investment, competence and determination, it really doesn’t matter.

Put some Robucks in this

Roblox could be the first social media firm whose shareholder value isn’t designed to extract value from the least powerful stakeholder, kids. 

Scott Galloway, “Roblox and the Dispersal of Creativity”

I see what Roblox does to my kids; playful hours of nurturing pets, navigating mazes and other stuff. Without overdoing it and losing touch with reality altogether.

If there was one new public company, I would put some of my spare cash in, it would probably be Roblox.

Until Amazon spins AWS of course…

Don’t be afraid

If you’re worried about bugging your potential customers, then you need to think carefully about what you’re building. Do you really believe in it? If you do, then you should never feel like you’re bugging anyone.

Aaron Dinin, Is This a Warning Sign You’re Building the Wrong Startup

Wise words.

I have been guilty of this myself in the past. When you’re building a startup you should be so comfortable with what you’re trying to bring to market that this becomes a non-issue.

Just throw in the Xbox

…with Xbox Game Pass you not only get access to over 100 games, along with all of the other usual online services you might expect, but for an additional $10/month, you can get an Xbox Series S as well ($20/month for the more capable Series X)! Notice the framing there, which is the opposite of how I put it on Thursday: given the fact that consoles have always been an up-front purchase, the natural way to think about Microsoft’s monthly pricing option is that it is a 24-month installment plan for the $299 Series S or the $499 Series X, with Xbox Game Pass added on top. Given that Microsoft’s strategy is all about subscriptions, though, it makes sense to consider the console itself as the bundled benefit.

Ben Thompson, Stratechery, “2020 Bundles”

The idea about doing the subscription the other way round – first content, then device as an add-on – is brilliant.

I am seriously considering this, when it becomes available.