The media circus

A coalition of Danish media companies are out with an open letter trying to yet again put pressure on Danish parliament to regulate Big Tech. The rationale seems to be that the timing couldn’t be better; the role of Big Tech – especially social media – in recent US events these last few weeks have…More

Liar in Chief

Today marks the end of the 45th presidency in the United States of America, when the 46th president, Joseph R. Biden is sworn in. The (hopefully) peaceful transition of power will be the end of the Liar in Chief; the leader who operates by endless lies and endless bullying, destroys more than he builds and…More

Take a walk

As you identify an especially difficult decision or problem, to be able to have a solid hour or more of time to consider the problem, largely uninterrupted (be sure to turn off your phone’s notifications), can fundamentally change the quality of your understanding and your conclusions. “Deep Thinking”, Marty Cagan via Silicon Valley Product Group…More

Understand the root cause

Sometimes you can be so blinded by a specific solution to a problem that you completely forget what the root cause of the problem was. When people are facing challenges of some sort, they seldom jump straight to very specific solutions to the problem. Instead they dwell at the problem for a while – short…More

Life, death and memories

Today is the birthday of my youngest daughter. It is also the anniversary of my mother-in-laws passing. And co-incidentally it is also the date where my beloved Blackburn Rovers back in the day signed one of its greatest players ever and my personal favorite, Matt Jansen. Why mention all this? Because sometimes when someone or…More

Arghh, it’s good enough

“They will love it, when they see it. And they will realize that this is just what they have been waiting for.” Trying to build something for a market that’s nascent is super hard on so many levels. Yet, it is also one of those areas where time and time again, I meet founders who…More

When there’s no there there

The trouble with conspiracy theories is that a lack of evidence is not taken as proof it’s not real, but instead as proof the conspiracy is indeed everywhere. This is like thinking that the reason you never see elephants hiding up in treetops is because they’re good at it. @WardQNormal (Twitter) So. F******. True. It’s…More

The “red tape” danger

The problem with too much process and red tape is that it creates excuses for not getting problems solved: “Our processes dictates that I must do this”, “I am not measured on doing that”, “I cannot do anything about it, it’s the rules”, “We have a policy that…”. Etcetera etcetera. Of course there needs to…More