Don’t hand AI the scalpel just yet

Conversational AI is all the rage these days. It's everywhere. Including in healthcare. To en extend. The hype is certainly trying to break through to the sector with talk of robotic doctors, chatbot therapists, and AI making life-altering decisions. In its present state, the view seems to be it is like combining Dr. Strange with… Continue reading Don’t hand AI the scalpel just yet

A challenge of a generation

Aside from climate change one of the most daunting trends facing us in the Western world is the thought that for the first time in generations, there is every chance that our kids are NOT going to be better off than we were compared to our parents and the generations before that. In the US,… Continue reading A challenge of a generation

Life, death and memories

Today is the birthday of my youngest daughter. It is also the anniversary of my mother-in-laws passing. And co-incidentally it is also the date where my beloved Blackburn Rovers back in the day signed one of its greatest players ever and my personal favorite, Matt Jansen. Why mention all this? Because sometimes when someone or… Continue reading Life, death and memories

Ego eats impact

You either love life or you are afraid to die. That's how a Danish politician tried to frame the peoples response to Covid-19 on Twitter yesterday. Naturally, it is both a false, primitive and superficial way of putting it. I could just as well say that there are those that are full of themselves and… Continue reading Ego eats impact