What chess taught me

When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing chess. I was part of my school chess club, part of the first team and at one time actually won the local county (amt) championship in my age group. Chess was fun and interesting. And taught me a couple of important lessons about life; Looking and planning… Continue reading What chess taught me

TikTok and a lot of…nothing

What does a Trump rally, TikTok users and startup tactics have in common? They are here and now - and there's not necessarily a grand plan for how to move on from here. When I saw that apparently a viral TikTok prank of securing tickets for Trumps rally in Tulsa and then (of course) not… Continue reading TikTok and a lot of…nothing

Don’t fall out of windows

When somebody "accidentally" falls out of a window at a hospital or any ofter building after criticizing the government and their policy, actions - or lack thereof - you could argue that it could be seen as a 'clever' way of removing an opposing voice for good. It is a tactic. A morbid but...eehhm...efficient one.… Continue reading Don’t fall out of windows