Hi, I’m Mads!

Fotograf: Rasmus Preston/DMJX

Building new business – one experiment at a time – is my passion.

Luckily it is also my job as Head of Product CoE at InQvation.

Doing that we use all the tricks and tools in the book – and then some.

I am a digital industry veteran with 20+ years of experience under my belt.

I have worked building products, positions and businesses for companies such as Microsoft, TV 2 Denmark and Berlingske Media. I have been both a specialist and an executive.

My writings here serve two purposes:

First and foremost as notes to myself about things I encounter, contemplate and somehow need to compute (and for me that works best through writing).

But also as little nuggets that can hopefully inspire or get you thinking or doing more about whatever it is you’re passionate about.

I am an open, honest kind of guy always looking to connect with great, interesting people with something on their mind. Feel free to get in touch: mads(at)madsjvk.com

Photo: Rasmus Preston/DMJX