Use a great narrative to win

As a trained journalist I like a good narrative supported by documented facts. I like to be be drawn into a story knowing that it rests on a solid foundation of insights and things known to be true because those telling me the story have done the actual research and know what they are talking… Continue reading Use a great narrative to win

The corporate talent gift

In the startup environment it is not uncommon to frown upon people with experience from the corporate world. They are either too old, too conservative, to0 expensive or just too corporate to make it in the startup world. But is this really true? I don’t think so. In fact I think the right corporate profile… Continue reading The corporate talent gift

Deadly theater

Time and time again I hear from and meet startups who are eager to follow the corporate partnership route to gain traction in the market for their startup. Sometimes it works out well. Most often - I would argue - it doesn’t. I know this from my own prior experience from the corporate side. Yes,… Continue reading Deadly theater

From zero to hero to zero?

Is Clubhouse a fad? I am on the fence. I just noticed that while everybody seemed to be doing rooms on Clubhouse before Easter, there was no mention in my feeds of any events after. And when I asked on Twitter, the silence was deafening and in itself a verification that the red hot service… Continue reading From zero to hero to zero?