Doubling down on digital health

The only thing that beats the feeling of trying to make a positive impact is when you sense that you have succeeded. Someone, or ideally a whole group of people, is better off due to something you helped orchestrate or do. Nowhere is the opportunity for impact greater than in healthcare. While most people agree… Continue reading Doubling down on digital health

Moving aside

The other day I met a startup founder, who had been struggling getting his business of the ground as a business for the past couple of years. Despite claiming the ambition of millions of users worldwide, he had only reached a couple of thousand within the first couple of years. While there is always reason… Continue reading Moving aside

The rocket fuel of purpose

Recently I wrote about the 3 problems of purpose. It is thus only fair that I also offer a few words on how a deep-felt purpose can serve as rocket fuel for your business. Lets start by taking a step back: More often than not you know what and your company does and how to… Continue reading The rocket fuel of purpose

The 3 problems with ‘purpose’

There are three problems with purpose. The first problem is that a lot of companies really don't have a big interesting purpose aside from making a profit no matter how hard they might go looking for it (which is absolutely fine in itself). You can put a lot of standard webshops into this bucket. None… Continue reading The 3 problems with ‘purpose’

Blind purpose

Purpose is a great thing. Until it kills you and/or your business. I was reminded of this on LinkedIn when I read a holiday greeting from a former colleague in my feed. He works in a very troubled industry, have had a super challenging year but was none the less grateful to be working on… Continue reading Blind purpose

Circle kind of complete

One of the things, others can never take away from you is your past experience(s). They are completely yours. Yours to cherish. Yours to curse. Yours to learn from. Yours to channel into something new. I have often wondered why things happen. Why do you meet the people, you do? Why do you get the… Continue reading Circle kind of complete

A happy note

Yesterday, a long time acquintance sent me a direct Twitter-message that made me really happy. In it he basically stated that it was great to observe from the sidelines the new things, I am involved in, and that to him it looked like, I had found a much better place for myself than was the… Continue reading A happy note

Come on, lean in!

Yesterday I went for a summer get-together in my VL network group. Over a super nice summer meal, the discussion was flowing and we got talking about some of the things that you don't normally find yourself talking about. One of the discussions I was a part of was a discussion about what defines the… Continue reading Come on, lean in!