Real ‘Best Practice’

Best practice is NOT to do what you did the last time and the times before that. Best practice is using what you have learned in doing what you now know you SHOULD have done the last time, which - in hindsight - would have given you a better outcome. The first - and most… Continue reading Real ‘Best Practice’

Better is better than cheaper

It is always interesting reading the newsletter of Benedict Evans, former Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Especially his essays. One of the latest, 'News by the ton', about the challenges of legacy media has an enlightened graph based on Google Trends that shows that over time, internet searches has moved from looking for 'cheaper' towards increasingly… Continue reading Better is better than cheaper

Don’t undersell your idea

Should the person who comes up with an idea also be the one who straight out of the blocks evaluate its desirability, feasibility and viability? Probably not due to the obvious risk of bias. It is also why we have some tools for ideation and another set of tools for assessment and validation. The really… Continue reading Don’t undersell your idea