The power of disagreement

Being in disagreement sucks. Not only is it a sure way of ensuring you defocus from what you should ideally be working on. It also can be completely draining of energy. And depending on how the disagreement plays out, it can be downright nasty and make you want to head for the exit. But there… Continue reading The power of disagreement

The rocket fuel of purpose

Recently I wrote about the 3 problems of purpose. It is thus only fair that I also offer a few words on how a deep-felt purpose can serve as rocket fuel for your business. Lets start by taking a step back: More often than not you know what and your company does and how to… Continue reading The rocket fuel of purpose

Feel the problem

When you're trying to solve a problem for someone, it helps a lot if you can empathize - even feel - the problem yourself. Because it's when you have a real sense of the problem, you release all those creative juices that allows you to not only look at the problem from different angles but… Continue reading Feel the problem

Grand ideas do matter

There seems to be a general misconception around the notion of ideas; Since everybody can have them, what becomes important is whether you do something about them and - more importantly - how you do something about them. Let me try to explain while I think this is inaccurate in a startup context: Even if… Continue reading Grand ideas do matter

The WFH problem

The other day at work we were discussing a whole range of potential themes to dig more into, as the fall approaches, and we're taking on exploring new, interesting ideas. One of the themes, we of course quickly came to discuss is "Work From Home" (WFH) as a general trend. I don't think I need… Continue reading The WFH problem

Remote humans

Working remotely is getting a lot of additional buzz following the outbreak of corona-virus, as people all over scramble to try to put themselves out of harms way and/or following the advice of local health authorities. While there is a lot of great things to be said about working remotely - and there are -… Continue reading Remote humans