Vision needs strategy

Most startups are founded on a vision; a wish to help bring about change to something in the world. But many lack a coherent strategy of how to get there in the end. How come? The difference is in the meaning of the various words. A vision is like a desert mirage. It’s aspirational, something… Continue reading Vision needs strategy

The rocket fuel of purpose

Recently I wrote about the 3 problems of purpose. It is thus only fair that I also offer a few words on how a deep-felt purpose can serve as rocket fuel for your business. Lets start by taking a step back: More often than not you know what and your company does and how to… Continue reading The rocket fuel of purpose

Put yourself on the other side

Years ago I worked at Microsoft in an international role. I had a lot of dealings with US colleagues, and one thing that always puzzled me was how resistant they were to change or doing something differently. That lasted until someone explained to me that in the US, the time is takes from a boss… Continue reading Put yourself on the other side

Come on, lean in!

Yesterday I went for a summer get-together in my VL network group. Over a super nice summer meal, the discussion was flowing and we got talking about some of the things that you don't normally find yourself talking about. One of the discussions I was a part of was a discussion about what defines the… Continue reading Come on, lean in!

Hypothetical strategy

The most common problems with strategy is that (a) it can be extremely poorly based on actual insight and data about market and customers and (b) it tends to become antique the moment, you have dotted the last i and crossed the last t in the grand plan. When I recently tought a group of… Continue reading Hypothetical strategy