Cakes, taxes and value

I come from a small town in the Western part of Jutland and aside from red sausages (don't ask) I was brought up on really good, traditional bakers bread (and it showed). For the same reason, I have always found Lagkagehuset to be almost a profanity. I mean: How can someone set up a chain… Continue reading Cakes, taxes and value

I am looking for YOU!

Do you have experience in Product Management and - preferably - in MedTech? Then maybe you're the one I am looking for to join our new MedTech X-startup at inQvation Studio? I am extremely passionate and excited about this project. I have been working on it from different angles for months, and it is a… Continue reading I am looking for YOU!

A new exciting chapter

Today marks a truly exciting new chapter in my professional life as I embark on a new role as Head of Studio at InQvation in Taastrup on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with the greatest colleagues, you can imagine, I will be running experiments on ideas for new businesses with the goal of validating… Continue reading A new exciting chapter