A healthy reminder

The storm hitting The Danish Heart Foundation after their new youth campaign ‘PS I Love You’ was criticized for endorsing – to put it mildly – un-scientific approaches towards a healthier life style for young people holds a crucial reminder for every entrepreneur operating in or trying to do something in the health-space:

Dealing with people with serious conditions is not something that should be taken lightly. Quite the opposite; it demands the utmost care and respect for those you’re trying to make a difference for and the value, you can bring to them.

Furthermore, it is near impossible to get a second chance to make things right. Once you have disappointed it is super hard to come back and convince people that you actually have something valuable to offer to them.

Yes, our personal health is that important. And rightly so.

This offers a stark contrast to most of startup life, where it’s all about getting out there with what you have, fail, learn, iterate and come back stronger. It is a super approach in general – just not in this space.

Of course it doesn’t make the particular case better that it is actually the foundation itself that goes out and miss the mark completely. But entrepreneurs should still take note;

for all the potential of doing good and building potentially great businesses in the health space, you also need to be very aware of all the other things that comes with entering that particular territory.

(Photo: Pixabay.com)

Better is better than cheaper

It is always interesting reading the newsletter of Benedict Evans, former Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Especially his essays.

One of the latest, ‘News by the ton’, about the challenges of legacy media has an enlightened graph based on Google Trends that shows that over time, internet searches has moved from looking for ‘cheaper’ towards increasingly looking for ‘better’.

It is significant in more ways than one.

On a banal level it shows precisely why traditional advertising as a model is f*****. The value of the message of ‘Get it with 20% off over here’ is just fast eroding and is close to zero. Traditional advertising has reached junk bond status.

On a more strategic level it shows that gunning for ‘better’ is more inline with the expectations and needs of your customers than gunning for ‘cheaper’.

Of course there will always be scavengers looking for a bargain, but as long as you deliver value above and beyond what you charge, you’re in a fundamentally good place.

And more importantly you’re in a more sustainable place business wise. Because you made the commitment towards being ‘better’ and always push for that – and not just prostitute yourself on the cheap.

(Photo: Pixabay.com)