Models (kind of) suck

Once upon a time I loved models. I even spent a significant chunk of my own savings getting to know them better in fancy locations around the world. Models? Work related models, of course. The kind of models you would use for modelling concepts, businesses and such. What did you think? Never mind. The point… Continue reading Models (kind of) suck

Don’t shoot the Excel-guy

Everybody loves to hate the Excel-sheet. The model that shows the necessary cuts to costs. The model that shows the hockeystick blowing into the sky. Any model, really. But don't blame Excel. Blame the complexity of the world instead. Why? Because - newsflash - the world is a super complicated space, where nothing can be… Continue reading Don’t shoot the Excel-guy

Show it, don’t tell it

During the years I have met many people who have been incredibly frustrated trying to make good use of Business Model Canvas. They often follow a traditional hype cycle, where they start up enthusiastically and full of energy and purpose only to burn out after a week or two with little progress. While it is… Continue reading Show it, don’t tell it