A roadmap of experiments

Currently, one of the things I am trying to do on our new MedTech venture is to build a roadmap of experiments to run before we get to the MVP itself. Why am I doing that, you may want to ask? Because I think it is super important to do whatever it takes to make… Continue reading A roadmap of experiments

Stay manageable

Yesterday I met with an former colleague who stepped down from a C-level job to essentially become a landlord renting out spare rooms in his house and making a nice flexible living doing so. It was very inspiring - and surprising. We took a walk, and he 'walked' me through his business and how he… Continue reading Stay manageable

Preparing for lift-off

This website is getting a revamp. It will be all from scratch again. One experiment at a time. From May 1 2019 and onwards, you can expect Tumblr-style (in)frequent blogging here. A mix of experiences experimenting, sharing of links on experimentation to develop new (juggernaut) businesses and what else, I can think of as relevant.… Continue reading Preparing for lift-off