Screaming is not solving

One thing the iQnite case competition on climate change has taught me is that there is a big difference between talking a problem up and the ability or desire to do anything about it. While we often hear and see young people on the street protesting against climate sinners and calling for action NOW!, I… Continue reading Screaming is not solving

The competition is on!

Last Friday and Saturday we hosted the first bootcamp of the iQnite case competition on climate change at our inQvation-hub in Taastrup. 35 participants turned up to spend two days exploring and sharpening their idea in the hope of making it into the main competition. For me as an organizer it was an amazing event.… Continue reading The competition is on!

Ready to iQnite

Yesterday we closed the submissions for our "iQnite Case Competition on Climate Change" with close to 60 dedicated and passionate challengers signed up for the task of trying to create new innovative solutions to tackle climate change. I am blown away by the richness of ideas and the profiles of the people participating. It took… Continue reading Ready to iQnite