It’s not about the tools

Ken Norton is right.

“The wrong tool is worse than no tool at all.”

Ken Norton

Over the years I have tried a myriad of tools, models, methods and processes, and the one thing I have learned is that none of them are perfect in themselves. It is how you mix them up depending on your specific need and how you use them that matter.

That is probably also one of the reasons why I love working with Miro as a collaboration platform and especially their rich library of templates for various approaches, models, methods and processes; the tool allows me in effect to create my own on the fly depending on my specific needs at the time.

When I work with my own dish of models and methods and glance it over, you probably won’t be able to make much sense of it, and you most definitely won’t find it one-to-one in any tool or textbook. Nonetheless, it works. For me and for the project, I am working on.

It helps us move things forward. In a pragmatic, yet structured way. And the same approach could work for you too.

So do yourself a favor: Don’t let yourself be a slave of a model or a philosophy. Take an open-ended pragmatic view on things and just like a carpenter choose the right tool for the right task.

It will serve you and what you’re trying to achieve best.


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