The media circus

A coalition of Danish media companies are out with an open letter trying to yet again put pressure on Danish parliament to regulate Big Tech. The rationale seems to be that the timing couldn't be better; the role of Big Tech - especially social media - in recent US events these last few weeks have… Continue reading The media circus

Go for subscription, Twitter

Twitter is reportedly exploring adding a subscription model to their offering. Good for them! However, they should go full throttle and turn Twitter into a full blown subscription product with no free tier. Why? First of all, my bet is that there is a great willingness to pay from those who see Twitter as a… Continue reading Go for subscription, Twitter

Facts matter

Yesterday I got wrapped up in a Twitter-fight. I know, you should never allow yourself to be in that position, but in this case 'the arsonist tweet' was so profoundly...don't know what to call it...I couldn't help myself. Basically, the discussion was around what or who killed Danish the Danish chain of bookstores, Arnold Busck,… Continue reading Facts matter