Grand ideas do matter

There seems to be a general misconception around the notion of ideas; Since everybody can have them, what becomes important is whether you do something about them and - more importantly - how you do something about them. Let me try to explain while I think this is inaccurate in a startup context: Even if… Continue reading Grand ideas do matter

What’s in a co-founder?

Not so long ago I met for the second time with a potential co-founder for our MedTech startup. It was a really good and interesting meeting, and the conversation was really good. One of the things we talked about was what it means to be a co-founder of a startup. "What does being a co-founder… Continue reading What’s in a co-founder?

Go challenge success

Often when we think about which new projects to pursue, we have a tendency to stay away from the ones, where there are already some really dominant players. Because we have a feeling that we will ultimately come up short. But is that always the case? What happens when someone you know from a successful… Continue reading Go challenge success