Mindset or skills?

What is most important? Having the right skills or the right mindset? With all the talk about the need for further specialization to drive competitive advantage, you would think that skills are super important. But in reality it is the other way around: Mindset wins. Every single time. Now, why is that? It is pretty… Continue reading Mindset or skills?

Always be pitching

When you're trying to get a startup off the ground, one of the things you spend most time on is... Pitching. Of course you pitch for investment or just any sort of backing really, because you need the support and all the ressources, you can muster, for the journey ahead. But the pitching doesn't stop… Continue reading Always be pitching

You’re (likely) not a pro

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a new pair of shoes. I don't do that often - it's kind of one yearly event - and I settled on a pair of 'Nike By You' customized shoes. Not because I wanted to but because they were actually cheaper than some of the other models, I… Continue reading You’re (likely) not a pro

Test your candidates

I am not only in the process of recruiting a Head of Product for our new MedTech X. I am also trying to find a new experienced UX/Designer for our inQvation Studio team. The approach around recruiting is the same: Ditch the traditional job ad and application process and instead allow interested candidates to book… Continue reading Test your candidates

It takes a team to win

Great teams succeed together. A team full of individual stars lacking coordination and communication between the various positions fail no matter how good and expensive they individually are. If those things are true in sports, does it come as a surprise that it goes for corporate innovation as well? A great football manager knows that… Continue reading It takes a team to win

Treasure the soft skills

When you're looking to solve a problem and improve something for someone, empathy matters. You need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the customer, feel their pain and use the insight generated to fuel your product development efforts. When we fail to employ empathy and other soft skills like it, we… Continue reading Treasure the soft skills