Recruit by objective

Too many startups are still looking towards other startups and their org charts, when they recruit to expand their teams. While there is of course something to be said about having someone on point to fill the various operational roles in the startup and ensure smooth operations, navigating by org chart is typically a pretty… Continue reading Recruit by objective

Mindset or skills?

What is most important? Having the right skills or the right mindset? With all the talk about the need for further specialization to drive competitive advantage, you would think that skills are super important. But in reality it is the other way around: Mindset wins. Every single time. Now, why is that? It is pretty… Continue reading Mindset or skills?

Free your talents

What’s the point in spending a lot of time and effort in getting the best people to join your team, if you’re not prepared to let their talents loose for the good of the company? It sounds like a stupid question, but in reality it happens all the time; great people are onboarded with promises… Continue reading Free your talents

Falling in love

One of the things I have learned when working to build a startup team is that if you run a recruitment process trying to find the right co-founders, there is a huge risk you will eventually get to talk to people basically looking for a job. Like in a normal recruitment process? Duuh! Saying this… Continue reading Falling in love

How to short circuit recruitment

I am currently recruiting for a Head of Product of our new MedTech X. During that process I have already learned some valuable lessons that I wanted to share with you in case you are also looking to recruit. Here goes: Ditch the standard application process. If you are recruiting for anyone outside of a… Continue reading How to short circuit recruitment

Recruit with precision

The more I work with recruiting matters, the more I come to realize the amount of effort and work you need to put in in order to get the best candidates possible. It doesn't matter whether it is for a job opening or for participation in a case competition - it is all the same.… Continue reading Recruit with precision