Getting partnerships right

Partnerships in business can be extremely rewarding. But making them actually work can also be super, super tough. While many seem to think that the brunt of the work is in finding and negotiating with the right partner, the truth of the matter is that the real, tedious work begins afterwards. When focus is on… Continue reading Getting partnerships right

Grand ideas do matter

There seems to be a general misconception around the notion of ideas; Since everybody can have them, what becomes important is whether you do something about them and - more importantly - how you do something about them. Let me try to explain while I think this is inaccurate in a startup context: Even if… Continue reading Grand ideas do matter

The WFH problem

The other day at work we were discussing a whole range of potential themes to dig more into, as the fall approaches, and we're taking on exploring new, interesting ideas. One of the themes, we of course quickly came to discuss is "Work From Home" (WFH) as a general trend. I don't think I need… Continue reading The WFH problem

Privacy is the new luxury

Forget all the bling bling of this world. The newest luxury item - and a valuable one - is going to be privacy. Just ask Jeff Bezos. With face recognition being unleashed in the public space and all the continued discussion around tracking of people and our data, there is going to be huge potential… Continue reading Privacy is the new luxury

Has digital really bombed?

Considering all the progress electricity, the combustion engine and other major breakthroughs generated inside 50 years of inception, digital still has very little impactful progress to show for it. At least that's the argument, Greg Satell makes. To some extend he is absolutely right. Even though some real breakthroughs have happened and made a lot… Continue reading Has digital really bombed?