Manage your effort

OKRs are a super efficient way of setting short term objectives and define key initiatives to reach them. It is perhaps the most simple way of ensuring that your startup is at all times outcome-driven that you can get. But there is one key element to setting your OKRs that you should keep in mind… Continue reading Manage your effort

The corporate talent gift

In the startup environment it is not uncommon to frown upon people with experience from the corporate world. They are either too old, too conservative, to0 expensive or just too corporate to make it in the startup world. But is this really true? I don’t think so. In fact I think the right corporate profile… Continue reading The corporate talent gift

The 3 problems with ‘purpose’

There are three problems with purpose. The first problem is that a lot of companies really don't have a big interesting purpose aside from making a profit no matter how hard they might go looking for it (which is absolutely fine in itself). You can put a lot of standard webshops into this bucket. None… Continue reading The 3 problems with ‘purpose’


I have a fondness for paradoxes. I find them interesting, intriguing and sometimes even amusing. One of the paradoxes is the one about working agile and lean while at the same time lamenting the lack of progress. Why is it that we often judge something that is work-in-progress as a failure because it's not the… Continue reading Success-in-progress

Igniting change

When you try to affect change and solve a problem in a new way, you need them to be ready to give up how they have done things in the past. Or get them interested in forming a new habit. For some things it's easier than with others. If you're just presenting a more efficient… Continue reading Igniting change

A ‘bible’ on your quest

If you are working on creating anything new, anything outside the norm, you know that it can be a daunting task. You know that it can feel impossible at times, and you know that you can get to the point where you really doubt what you're doing, and how to proceed with confidence. Thankfully, there… Continue reading A ‘bible’ on your quest