When love becomes fatal

One of the things we're constantly looking for, when we're talking to potential co-founders, is the ability to fall in love with the problem, we're looking to solve. Either straight off the bat - much preferred but rare - or as something to grow easily into. But is love of the problem always that great?… Continue reading When love becomes fatal

Remember the important ones

Today is the 8 year birthday of my oldest daughter, Laura. Aside from celebrating her it is a good occasion for me as her dad to remember something that I think is absolutely vital: No matter how much and how hard you work on building and succeeding with your startup, and no matter how things… Continue reading Remember the important ones

Falling in love

One of the things I have learned when working to build a startup team is that if you run a recruitment process trying to find the right co-founders, there is a huge risk you will eventually get to talk to people basically looking for a job. Like in a normal recruitment process? Duuh! Saying this… Continue reading Falling in love

Say Hi! to FIXDIT

Today we're soft-launching a simple pilot of our latest project, which we call FIXDIT. FIXDIT is for homeowners and home maintenance professionals who wants to get rid of all the horror stories about home maintenance and redecoration projects. It is a challenging area, and lots of homeowners put off doing projects for fear of getting… Continue reading Say Hi! to FIXDIT