The deceitful stories

The jury came back on Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos infamy yesterday in the landmark case against her; guilty on four fraud accounts. What that will translate to in terms of sentencing remains to be seen, and it’s more than likely that Holmes will appeal. Nevertheless: Guilty. The really great question now is whether the Theranos… Continue reading The deceitful stories

From zero to hero to zero?

Is Clubhouse a fad? I am on the fence. I just noticed that while everybody seemed to be doing rooms on Clubhouse before Easter, there was no mention in my feeds of any events after. And when I asked on Twitter, the silence was deafening and in itself a verification that the red hot service… Continue reading From zero to hero to zero?

Solving pay-day-loans?

Pay day loans are one of the greatest scurges of modern day finance; overcharging poor people for access to quick and often necessary capital to get by from day-to-day. But is earnings-on-demand - live access to your pay irrespective of the monthly pay day at the end of the month - really the answer? While… Continue reading Solving pay-day-loans?