Time is (also) an investment

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting a mentee of mine, who is enrolled in DTUs board education. The topic of our conversation? “How do I qualify myself to go on boards of startups?” The question is a good one. Because you need to bring something to the table in order to be… Continue reading Time is (also) an investment

Way to go, CluedIn!

When something amazing happens to great people, you have some sort of history with, you really should take the time to single it out for special mention and celebration. It’s such a day today for the great people at CluedIn, a pioneering master data management platform out of Copenhagen, who just announced that they have… Continue reading Way to go, CluedIn!

The essential Clubhouse question

Why didn't you build it? Audio online is nothing new. Talks with subject matter experts is nothing new. Social networking is nothing new. Refer-a-friend schemes are nothing new. And so on. All the elements are already out there and have been so for a long time. So why didn't you come up with this idea,… Continue reading The essential Clubhouse question

The dangers of ‘digitalization’

The Danish Management Society's new focus on "Digital Reshaping" - whatever that wording means - made me think; Whenever somebody talks about the need to 'digitalize' products or processes in an old industry company, you as a digital expert should be quite alert. Perhaps even worried. Because what does the phrase really mean? I will… Continue reading The dangers of ‘digitalization’