Map your GTM options

When I meet with young startups there is one thing that often springs to mind on the commercial side: The tendency towards picking a business model on the shelf, often inspired by what others are doing, and settle on that as the model going forward without much further thought than that. The reasoning seems to… Continue reading Map your GTM options

RIP Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh was one of my startup heroes, and I was saddened to hear that he tragically passed away after suffering injuries in a house fire. 46 years is no age. Tony was involved in a lot of different things, and there were plenty of mind blowing new approaches to business and entrepreneurship to be… Continue reading RIP Tony Hsieh

Willingness to pay…for what?

A new study from the Reuters Institute at Oxford University has found that there seems to be a co-relation between users with media subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify and the willingness to pay for online news. Naturally, legacy media executives are already starting to misinterpret the findings to fit into their own worldview. A willingness… Continue reading Willingness to pay…for what?

Media should take some cues from MedTech

The other day I was asked by Lars K. Jensen to contribute 3 tips on digital development as it relates to media to his weekly newsletter, 'Digital Ugerevy'. Naturally, I obliged and delivered as I try to do every time a good friend of mine asks for a piece of advice or some input. And… Continue reading Media should take some cues from MedTech

Ego eats impact

You either love life or you are afraid to die. That's how a Danish politician tried to frame the peoples response to Covid-19 on Twitter yesterday. Naturally, it is both a false, primitive and superficial way of putting it. I could just as well say that there are those that are full of themselves and… Continue reading Ego eats impact