Affecting change hurts

Working at startup takes it toll. Ambitions are running high, ressources are always stretched, a lot of processes are not in place, and getting the right talent to join the mission is super hard. There is absolutely every reason for why days and weeks can feel like an almost eternal struggle. But that's just the… Continue reading Affecting change hurts

Be problem-driven

There are quite a few really good arguments for why you should focus on the problem rather than the solution, when you're trying to build a successful company. But there is one that I think takes the prize as the most powerful one: By focusing on the problem, you broaden the opportunity for yourself, your… Continue reading Be problem-driven

Control vs success

There is nothing as potent to pave the way to success as being in control. There is nothing so blocking to success than to insist on being in control. To some being in control is an all positive thing; it enables you to define the path to follow forward and ensure the necessary decisions are… Continue reading Control vs success

Grand ideas do matter

There seems to be a general misconception around the notion of ideas; Since everybody can have them, what becomes important is whether you do something about them and - more importantly - how you do something about them. Let me try to explain while I think this is inaccurate in a startup context: Even if… Continue reading Grand ideas do matter

Hello launch pad!

Yesterday was a super important day for our inQvation Studio-team; it was the day where we got the final formal board approval for our first spinoff. While it has been in the works for a while (and we have been recruiting for the team for some weeks now) there is always something special about getting… Continue reading Hello launch pad!

3 big goals for 2020

Hello 2020! It's a new year and with that comes fresh opportunity including the opportunity to set really ambitious goals for the coming 12 monts. So naturally, I have done that on behalf of my work as Head of Studio at inQvation. In 2020 I want us to co-found at least one startup taking on… Continue reading 3 big goals for 2020