Futurism is getting harder

It is always interesting to dwell a little at what might come next. Both in terms of technologies but also in terms of the suggested changes in circumstances and contexts in which these new technologies may be put to efficient use.

The challenge is always the same: Of these things that someone with experience and insight into what has been and is today is foreseeing, which ones are the ones that will catch on? And following on from that: What kind of brand new opportunities might they present entrepreneurs with?

Looking into these things become more and more interesting with age and experience. I distinctly remember that when I was young a lot of the emerging trends just made instant sense to me. Today it is harder.

I don’t think it’s an age thing. In fact I think it has much more to do with experience; having seen and been part of a lot of different things over the years, you get used to things being more or less a certain way. And it can get harder to break away from that.

I actually think it is some of the same dynamics that are often at display in C-suites at big corporate incumbents struggling to keep up with the times; their whole knowledge base and experience is tuned into something completely different than what may lay ahead.

Which then again – thankfully – leaves a playing field of massive opportunities for dedicated entrepreneurs not caught up in dogma to go and explore, exploit and build great businesses on.

(Photo: Pixabay.com)

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