Ulysses for the win

For quite a while I have been looking for an editor for my writing of blog posts such as this one.

And finally I think I have found it in ‘Ulysses’.

Of course I could use the standard WordPress editor, but I often write at odd times in the day – early morning and late evenings – and I just don’t find the full online editor that appealing or inspiring for regular posts.

I need something more nimble than that. Something that allows me to take notes, leave for a while, get back and pick things up and finally end up with the piece, I am looking to write.

‘Ulysses’ gives me all of that;

It provides an ‘Inbox’ where I place my drafts. That way I can always jot some quick thoughts down and leave it for later, and I always have a 100% overview of what I am working on.

When I have done writing, I use the upload tool to publish as a draft to my WordPress site, and I can then use the interface there to check that everything is as it is supposed to be, before I hit ‘Publish’ and it goes out there on the big internet.

Once I have published the piece, I move it to the ‘My Projects’ subfolder with my websites name on it, which syncs with iCloud and works as an excellent archive for published pieces. The great thing about this is that mentally I know that when I transfer a piece to this folder, I am done with it. And I can go back to the ‘Inbox’ and focus on upcoming pieces.

It works super great, and I can’t recommend ‘Ulysses’ enough, if you need a different editor for your writing than your standard, somewhat clunky web interfaces.

‘Ulysses’ is for Mac, comes with a free 14-day trial after which there is a small monthly subscription.

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