Dead before arrival

The European Super League in football is all but dead.

Late last night all six founding English teams decided to abandon the ‘league’ before it got off the ground, and this morning one of the villains of the tale, Fenway Sports Group, issued this apology to everybody involved at the club.

You can look at it in many different ways, but I think the apology holds an important lesson for all:

This is what you risk happening when you try to get a solution to market without having any real understanding of the customer demand.

While it is clear that the 12 clubs originally involved in the plans have a massive worldwide fan base, the die hard supporters – the core of every CLUB – have shown nothing but disgust for the plans. And the ‘plastic fans’ are not enough to make the plan viable in any way.

Let’s look at this as a classic example of a large scale experiment gone horribly wrong.


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