The superior Apple experience

My girlfriend and I have decided to build a new home for ourselves and our two daughters.

The other day we got a VR model of our new home from the developer. Besides it being a very strange feeling to take the first virtual steps in our new home, it also cemented a great point about Apple as a tech ecosystem versus anybody else.

At work I used our Airtame in one of the meeting rooms to project the VR model from my phone to the big screen. It could be done, but the experience of moving around had quite a lot of latency, so I quickly gave up on it.

At home in the evening, I projected the same model to our TV using our Apple TV. And the experience was just fluid and flawless, and we could really enjoy walking around our new home on the big screen rather than on the small iPhone screen.

The Apple tech ecosystem just worked. Flawlessly.

I think there is a larger point here:

Apple is not only about great products and services in itself. It is about being better together. It is about creating a premium experience that is designed to – at every twist and turn – reinforce the feeling that you made the right decision when you chose to engulf yourself into the Apple ecosystem.

And continuously pay a premium for the privilege of doing so.

For me that is the real beauty about Apple and it’s business model that makes it stand out above and beyond the rest out there. It is incredibly powerful.

But – and here is the word of warning – it is also hard to be truly inspired by. Because there is only one Apple. And there will (most likely) continue to be only one Apple.

And no, you or your company will never be like Apple. You need to know that and be at peace with that.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fully enjoy and get inspired by the Apple experience.

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