Black Friday exposed

Black Friday is upon us. Or Black Week as it has turned into here in Denmark.

I have always been sceptic about the event; I don’t see it as an event as such but more as an exercise in trying to get rid of a lot of inventory.

This year with Covid-19 only reinforces that impression. Plenty of stores are simply trying to stay afloat and in business. For understandable reasons.

Hence the week and not just a day, I guess.

I wish every store every succes. But can we at least agree on two things?:

Black Whatever is in essence a flash sale.

A flash sale is a short term thing that has absolute no positive impact on the planet or on the store for that matter

Quite the contrary:

It reinforces short term thinking and every single consumption and sustainability issue we have on this planet.

Full stop.

We can do better in the future, can’t we?


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