Corona thoughts, part 9

So, we’re back in Covid-19 territory. The numbers are going up in the greater Copenhagen area and as such many have been requested to go back to working from home, not meeting physically etc.

It was a pain the last time. And it’s a pain again. But for me a different kind of pain.

First of all, I am much more aware of what is required to me to function well and ‘keep the light on’ this time around than I was the last time. So I am addament to make sure that the impact of the new restrictions will be as lightweight as possible for me, the team and the schedule, we’re on.

Which brings me to the second point: The team and the schedule. Because here there is a stark difference between then and now:

Back then we were very much in the preliminary planning phase with our new venture. Now, we’re hard at work to make it happen. We have milestones to meet, things to do, tasks to get crossed of our list.

And the last thing we need is for Covid-19 restrictions to put any sort of potential break on that.

That also makes it more stressful than the last time. Because this time there is not a feeling that potentially, we could just ‘wait it out’. This time we need to remain focused, get the job done and move along on our journey all while we observe the restrictions. That’s a big difference.

I realize that for many this was also indeed the case the first time around, and I am full of awe of how people and businesses have handled it across the board.

For me the situation now is somewhat new, but that others have gone before and succeeded gives me the confidence that our team will as well.

So thank you for setting an inspiring example to look up to.


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