Destroy the problem

During the summer I have become involved in a couple of product management communities in order to built network and get insights and inspiration for tools and methods that we can use in our new MedTech startup.

Sifting through a couple of discussions in the forums, I came across a discussion on attitudes towards building and developing products that had one key term that I really fell in love with:

“It is all about destroying the problem.”

– Quote from discussion in Product Management forum

I love the phrasing because it totally spells out not only what needs to be done but also emphasizes the general why;

When we’re building products and taking them to market we’re doing so first and foremost to help people – our users and customers – solve their problem(s).

We can look at this as simply trying to solve the problem and then think that maybe we will succeed or maybe we don’t. Or we can look at the problem as a problem that needs to get destroyed.

What happens when we look at a problem as something to destroy:

(1) We become super determined.

(2) We have a crystal clear focus.

(3) We’re willing to do whatever it takes.

(4) We won’t be soft about it.

(5) We’re gunning for total victory.

(6) We also understand that we’re acting on behalf of others; those in need of our help.

(7) We won’t quit in our pursuit unless we’re absolutely dead.

In sum, we’re not (just) doing it for the fun of it and the thrill of the ride. We’re doing it because it is essential to do. It’s do or die.

Add to all of the above that I sincerely feel that having an ‘all in’ attitude to destroying the problem will serve you super well in both getting investors, team and customers on board.


Because you’re giving it your all.

I love it.


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