The Norwegian Real Madrid

When you think about how hard the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting you, think about how you would have felt, if you worked at an airline or a company affiliated with one.


People are not allowed to travel, your planes are grounded, you have high recurring costs for leasing aircraft, a valuable, sizeable staff you want to hold on to as much as you can and a cashflow resembling a one-way street in the worst possible way.

What’s not to be deeply distraught about? I know people who work at airlines, big and small, and it is really, really tough out there. And I am so happy, I am not in their shoes.

One of the hardest hit ones is the Norwegian low-cost carrier, Norwegian. They are working extremely hard to save the company from going under, and they are hoping for both a restructuring of their massive debt and an aid package from the Norwegian government.

Even though they are ‘Up S*** Creek’, I want to put forward the prediction that they will make it in some shape and form. But not because it is a healthy company. For psychological reasons:

Years ago there was a saying that the only reason the football club Real Madrid could keep existing with massive signings and massive debt was that there wasn’t a living banker who would have the guts to send this massive club, and their fanbase with them, into receivership.

Same goes for Norwegian, the airline.

The Norwegians are proud people – national attires, cowbells and all. I don’t think there is anybody in government or parliament with any appetite for reelection or his/her place in history who wants to be the one pulling the rug from under the wheels of essentially the Norwegian flag carrier. I mean, the name alone thrown into a dumpster fire?! Not going to happen.

But there may be one or two left who think about the one old naming rule for warships:

Never, ever, EVER (!!) name a warship after your country for the fully justifiable fear of what it being sunk in battle would mean for morale and publicity.


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